Multi-purpose Ultraviolet Sterilisers

For Schools, Food & Beverage Hospitality and Medical

Check out our range of ultraviolet (UV-C) steriliser cabinets for chopping boards, knives, utensils, kitchen attire, all types of kitchen tools, etc.

Suitable for use in schools that do in-house cooking, canteens, corporate cafeterias, office pantries,

central kitchens, restaurants, cafes, eateries, hawker centers, food courts, caterers, food manufacturing sites, hotels, hospitals with food preparation areas, etc.

  • Chopping boards, knives, aprons, dishcloths, gloves, uniforms, kitchen attire and all different types of kitchen tools that are not properly sanitised can cause potential food contamination and lead to food poisoning and other bacteria infections like  E. Coli and Salmonella