Book Ultraviolet Sterilisers

For Libraries, Schools & Corporate Offices

Check out our range of ultraviolet (UV-C) steriliser cabinets for toys, books, electronics, sports equipment, musical instruments, study materials, toothbrushes, key cards, remote controllers, daily high-touch items, etc.

Suitable for use in libraries, universities, primary schools, secondary schools, pre-university and post-secondary education institutions, preschools, childcare centers, kindergartens, student care centers, study and recreation corners, early intervention centers, therapy centers, senior day care activity centers, etc.

  • Unsanitised toys, daily high touch items and study materials can cause skin diseases such as atopy, as well as other infectious diseases like hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD)

  • Our built-in fan motor ventilation system and ultraviolet lamps ensure effective sterilisation of all book pages

  • Books and documents sanitation management has never been easier with our Book Ultraviolet sterilisers

  • Books can be placed inside the steriliser and easily sanitised conveniently at self-service kiosks